About Us

MMI is sharply focused in providing quality training in the following key areas:

  • 2.1 Management Development
  • 2.2 Secretarial and Office Skills Development.
  • 2.3 Community Development.
  • 2.4 Project Management.
  • 2.5 Curriculum Development.
  • 2.6 Finance and Accounts.
  • 2.7 Transport Management / Procurement/ Logistics
  • 2.8 Training of Trainers Programme.
  • 2.9 Special request from clients in form of In-House training Programmes.

MMI's strategy is to develop, market and implement high quality training programmes that meet specific training needs of the following sectors:

  • Donor organizations / International organizations.
  • International Non Government organizations.
  • Religious organizations.
  • Government Departments.
  • Multi-national corporations.
  • Private sector organizations.
  • Other organizations that may need any of our training programmes.

We are willing and ready to collaborate with International Developmental organizations, Institutions of higher learning and Consulting firms in all the above areas to enhance capacity building and sustainable development in Africa. 

We are also willing to offer local representation at cost. Please contact the Programme Director (info@mmiafrica.com or njogu@kenyaweb.com) for more information.

MMI has retained a team of highly motivated and qualified multi- disciplinary professionals who are experts in their fields of specialization.

  • MMI has a strong base of qualified and experienced international and Local Resource Consultants who can be called upon to take various challenging training assignments. Most of our Resource Consultants are working in Industry, International organizations, Government Departments and Universities.
  • In addition to ensuring that all our Consultants have postgraduate qualifications, we also ensure that they have the relevant industrial experience to enable them to interact successfully with our participants.
  • Our consultants have extensive experience on adult learning. This has ensured high quality delivery for the benefit of the participants and the sponsoring organizations.

In order to ensure that the learning process is effective, MMI consultants use a wide range of training methods which include but not limited to:

  • Short Introductory lectures
  • Discussions
  • Group work
  • Role plays
  • Practical exercises
  • Demonstrations
  • Case Studies
  • Self-scoring exercises
  • Experiential approaches
  • Video films
  • Action plans

We perform a training impact analysis to determine the degree of behavioral change in the participants. To this end, we encourage the participants to apply new skills and knowledge learnt at their respective places of work for the benefit of their sponsoring organizations.

We perform a training impact analysis to determine the degree of behavioral change in the participants. To this end, we encourage the participants to apply new skills and knowledge learnt at their respective places of work for the benefit of their sponsoring organizations.

We are pleased to inform you that you can now study online for the following degree programs:

  • 1.MBA
  • 2.Master of Education-Leadership and Administration Degree
  • 3.MSc in Digital Currency
  • 4.BBA
The Fee for MBA, M.Ed and MSc Digital Currency is over Euro 10000.00 but with 80% scholarship you only pay Euro 2500.00 at the University of Nicosia And for BBA after the scholarship,you only pay Euro 2000.00 per year for three years. Click here for more details. 

Please send us copies of your certificates and transcripts and we shall forward them for processing of your application. Do not send money at this stage. Inform your colleagues and friends of these study opportunities.


  • USAID Uganda
  • GTZ / SIDA Financial System Development Programme Uganda
  • UNDP Zanzibar
  • World Bank Zambia
  • Social Action Trust Fund

  • Medicine Sans Flontiers Belgium 
  • Nile Basin Initiative Secretariat Uganda
  • Pride Microfinance Uganda
  • Trocare Rwanda
  • Catholic Relief Service Tanzania
  • Private sector Federation of Rwanda)
    • Air Tanzania 
    • Tanzania Investment Bank
    • Tanzania Institute of Bankers
    • Globelec /Songa LTD - Tanzania
    • Geita Gold Mine LTD Tanzania
    • Tanzania Postal Bank
    • Attorney General Chambers Botswana
    • Parastatal Pensions Fund Tanzania 
    • Madison General Insurance Company LTD Zambia
    • Surface and Marine Transport Regulatory Authority Tanzania 
    • Consolidated Holding Corporation Tanzania
    • ESCOM Uganda Co. LTD
    • Azania Bank LTD Tanzania 
    • Botswana Bureau of Standards 
    • ZCCM Investment Holding PLC Zambia 
    • Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI)
    Countries currently sending participants to MMI Training Programmes include:
    Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Lesotho, Malawi, Rwanda and Ghana.

    List of Organizations that invited us to organize In-House Training Programmes: 

    • Parastatal Pension Fund Tanzania 
      - Advanced Supervisory and Leadership skills seminar
      - Strategies Marketing and sales seminar
    • Tanzania Institute of programme Bankers Tanzania 
      - Trained all members of the staff


    Membership and Association
    MMI is associated with Institute of professional Financial Managers (IPFM)


      1. Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority

      2. Nile Basin Initiative Secretariat - Uganda

      3. Air Tanzania

      4. Tanzania Investment Bank

      5. Bank of Uganda

      6. Kenya Medical Research Institute CDC   Kisumu

      8. Anti   Corruption Bureau   Malawi

      9. Kilimanjaro International Airport   Tanzania

      10. Pride Microfinance   Uganda

      11. Sugar Board of Tanzania

      12. Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (EWURA)   Tanzania

      13.GTZ/SIDA Financial System Development Programme   Uganda

      14. The Tanzania Institute of Bankers

      15. Social Action Trust Fund   Tanzania

      16. Trocare   Rwanda

      17. Tanzania Commission for AIDS

      18. Central Bank of Swaziland

      19. Attorney General Chambers   Botswana

      20. Globeleg/Songas Ltd   Tanzania

      21. Uganda Electricity Distribution Company Limited

      22. Geita Gold Mines Ltd   Tanzania

      23. Tanzania Postal Bank

      24. Parastatal Pensions Fund   Tanzania

      25. Madison General Insurance Company Ltd   Zambia

      26. Ndola Lime Company Limited   Zambia

      27. Zambia State Insurance Corporation

      28. Williamson Diamonds Limited   Tanzania

      29. Catholic Relief Services   Tanzania

      30. SUMATRA   Surface and Marine Transport Regulatory Authority

      31. Public Procurement Regulatory Authority   Tanzania

      32. UNDP   Zanzibar

      33. Consolidated Holding Corporation   Zambia

      34. ESKOM Uganda Company Ltd

      35. Tazama pipelines Ltd   Zambia

      36. Agricultural Development Bank   Ghana

      37. Tanzania Ports Authority '

      38. MRC   Uganda Virus Research Institute

      39. Azania Bank Ltd -Tanzania

      40. Botswana Bureau of Standard

      41. Gaming Board of Tanzania

      42. Rural Electrification Agency   Uganda

      43. Uganda Development Bank

      44. ZCCM Investments Holdings PLC   Zambia

      45. Ministry of Water and Environment   Uganda

      46. Public Procurement and Disposal Authority   Uganda


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